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Globalwave Technologies, an ISO Certified company, started operations as an international company in India, for design and manufacture of flat panel antennas for FBWA (Fixed Broadband Wireless Access) systems, RFID and defence applications.

With technical support from MTi Wireless Edge, a world leader with 35 years experience in the industry, Globalwave operates from Kochi, South India, with support of the Ascent Circuit Group, India.

Globalwave offers a wide variety of off-the-shelf and customized, high performance antennas to meet your wireless connectivity needs. The company produces antennas ranging in frequencies from 100KHz to 40GHz, and are capable of introducing products in higher ranges as well. The company also offers solutions and products for new commercial applications, as RFID and other wireless systems become increasingly prevalent in our lives.

GWT can also provide cables and wiring for RF, command & control, and power applications.

Globalwave Technologies has recently expanded its services in more lines of business. The company has positioned itself as a one-stop-shop for clients who have no base in India

GWT offers its build-to-print services, to help foreign companies meet the ‘offset’ condition stipulated by the Indian Ministry of Defence, for large defence contracts. Besides sourcing, manufacturing and testing, we are capable of providing service support, both in the field and the lab. click here to view company profile